Happy New Year

I have some big news to share with you – if you’re the authory type.

Most of you who have followed this blog for the last year or so have heard of Matt Shaw. Author of more than 100 books, he’s now starting his own publication company.

I have tons of respect for this guy and unlike many publishers, he has the author’s best interests at heart. Check this out and get in touch with him at the email address provided.




I’ve published over 100 books, now I want to publish YOU!

I have been writing for over ten years. The last three years of which have been as a full-time author whose chart position floats between 10 and 25 in Amazon’s “Most Popular Horror Authors” listing. I have over one hundred titles to my name and many more planned moving forward. I have done this myself as a self-published author.

Over these years I have been approached with work with various publishers but – looking into them – they can rarely offer me anything that I am not doing myself. And, worse than that, in some instances they appear to have their own interests at heart as opposed to those of the author and that is why I am setting myself up as a publisher (Matt Shaw Publications). I want to help new authors, or even current authors looking to reach a new readership that might not have already been reading them.

Last year I tested my capabilities of getting authors’ rankings boosted by releasing “Behind Closed Doors” (an anthology with a selection of hand-picked authors) and – true enough – they all saw their rankings increase to close to the top 100 most popular horror authors list. Some of them even shot up the top 100 and stayed there for some time.

Now I’m not saying I have the golden touch. I do not. I have been lucky. What I do have, though, is visibility on Amazon – thanks to the number of titles I have (another 3 books in the top one hundred British Horror charts and a quarter of that chart will be nothing but my books…). It’s this visibility that will help push books I release, as well as heavy pushing on social media sites where I have a strong presence, review copies to good blogs etc etc.

Unlike other publishers – you will never be tied in with me, should you choose to come over. Instead I will take whatever work you want to give me. If you want to give me one title and then self-publish everything else for yourself – you can. If you want to work with other publishers, not a problem. So long as I believe your story will gain the attention of readers who enjoy what I do – I will take it and the good news is… There is no risk to you.

I will pay for the editing, I will pay for the cover work, I will get it formatted and I will even throw the Facebook Launch party by which time pre-orders will already be strong. You pay nothing and – from day one – you receive 80% of your royalty. Look around, most publishers take anywhere between 40% to 60% off you before you even start. That’s a fair chunk to lose out when – in some cases – they don’t even actively push your book that hard.

By taking 20% for my work with you, and to get the costs back for the cover and the editing, you can feel confident that I will be pushing your book like crazy! After all, I don’t want to be out of pocket just as you don’t want to be stuck on some dusty cyber-shelf on Amazon.

My work doesn’t just stop with Amazon though. Over the last couple of years I have made strong film contacts and am often asked for ideas or whether I have any screenplays knocking around that they can take a look at. I will also push your story idea to these people – should you wish me to. If they want to buy the story from you – again, I only take 20% and you get everything else. My involvement with the film project will then stop unless you want me to help with the screenplay (details available upon my website at www.mattshawpublications.co.uk). A standard agent offering this will often take 40% and tie you into a messy contract. The contracts I work with, put together through my solicitor, are designed to be simple. Remember – I am taking the risks.

And finally – if you want to leave me and take the book back yourself, you can! There is no long drawn out process about it either. You simply reimburse me the cost of the cover and editing (a price spoken about before any contracts are signed) and then that’s it. You’re free to do with the work as you see fit.

If you have any further questions, or are interested in working with me – by all means get in touch with me at matt@mattshawpublications.co.uk but please be aware, I do not plan on signing anyone and everyone. I will only be signing a couple of people at a time due to wanting to give each and every author a hard push. If I say ‘yes’ to everyone, it will divide my time to such an extent that it won’t have the same impact. Just because someone has a lot of artists ‘under them’, it doesn’t mean they’re giving them all their undivided attention…

All that’s left for me to say is – look forward to hopefully working with some of you and good luck to everyone wishing to release work this year. Let’s make 2016 one to remember!

Kind Regards,

Matt Shaw

Sick B*stards, PORN, Whore and over 100 other books!


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