Review: Even Hell Has Standards: Wrath by Chantal Noordeloos

Review – Even Hell Has Standards: Wrath by Chantal Noordeloos

Every now and then, a story comes along that takes us out of our comfort zone and reminds us just how awful humanity can be. Although horror often focuses on humans at their worst, author Chantal Noordeloos doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling the tale of a woman who suffers through a life so horrible, it would be hard for those of us living in first world countries to even fathom, but the worst part of this story is that it happens to women every single day. Before I begin, let me say that this is a very dark, depressing story. (That’s not a bad thing and works very well in Wrath.)

The second installment in the Even Hell Has Standards series, Wrath opens with an emotional scene of a woman dying after being shot. Her son, Ikenna, tries to save his mother, but it’s too late. Her life slips away as her son watches. We don’t know exactly what happened, but we’re about to find out.

Once she dies, Fatima stands in judgment to determine if she will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell, and it is here we see the hell she’s lived through during her short life. We journey with Fatima as she is forced to relive brutal abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to love her, the deaths of some of her children, and a lifetime spent in horrendous living conditions.

The bright spot in Wrath is of course, Satan. If there really is a Hell, I hope Satan is just like the character out of this author’s imagination. I love him, even though I’m probably not supposed to. Anyone who read the first book in the Even Hell Has Standards series, Pride, knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Chantal’s writing continually improves with each book she releases. I became a huge fan of her work after reading Angel Manor and fell in love with Pride the moment I read it. I can’t begin to imagine how hard Wrath was to research and write, but I have to give the author credit for producing a book that was not only heartbreaking, but intelligently written, compassionate and dark.

Look for Even Hell Has Standards: Wrath to come out on January 22. You can pre-order the book here in the US and here for UK readers.


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