Review: A Coin for Charon by Dallas Mullican

Book Description:

The media and police dub him the Seraphim Killer, but Gabriel isn’t murdering anyone―he’s saving them.


Marlowe Gentry is a police officer who witnessed the brutal slaying of his beloved wife a few years ago. Now, he’s still in a fragile state as he’s hunting a new serial killer, one who believes he’s not killing people, but saving them instead. Going on very few leads, Gentry relives some of his painful past while solving these murders with his partner, Spencer.

Gentry has a daughter he cherishes, which is the only thing that keeps him going, but each day he must face his own demons. This leads him to do some things he’s not proud of to catch the killer.

There are other characters in this book going through their own personal hell. Max is suffering from an incurable form of brain cancer and Becca is physically abused by her husband, a police officer. Eventually, all three stories come together to complete this masterpiece.

I am not a fan of crime fiction. I rarely read it and when I do, I typically find it boring. A Coin for Charon is something so much more than crime fiction. I loved all the main characters, loved the suspense the author created and loved the gory death scenes.  More psychological thriller than crime fiction, A Coin for Charon even makes you care about the serial killer. Each character is easy to relate to and I was completely invested in each as I read the book.

This is Mullican’s debut novel and what an outstanding offering it is. Compelling, dark, thought provoking and intelligent, you should give this one a try.


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