Double Review: Mr. Robespierre and The Shapeshifter

Hello all,

Today I bring you a double review of two very different stories.


First up, we have Mr. Robespierre by the lovely Daniel Marc Chant.


Book Description:

“It’s him. It’s Mr. Robespierre. We never should have let him in.”

When Dominic and Sandy Wight leave their council home for the picturesque Lovels St Maur, they can’t wait to move in to Bridgewater Rise. Dilapidated but charming, the new house is everything they have worked for. There’s even a stray cat waiting outside to welcome them.

Adored by the couple’s daughter, Christina, he rapidly becomes a part of the family. But Mr Robespierre is anything but a welcome visitor, and with his arrival a darkness falls over Bridgewater Rise. Thunderstorms rage, objects move on their own and mysterious noises can be heard throughout the house. For behind Mr Robespierre’s eyes lays an unquenchable evil. A powerful and hungry malcontent that threatens to take everything that the Wight’s hold dear to them and will let nothing and no one stand in its way.

Soon the family will have to do everything they can to escape, but how can you fight nine lives… with three?

Combining the tension of Poltergeist with the domestic horror of M.R. James, Mr Robespierre is a chilling tale of demonic infiltration and one families fight against the supernatural that will make you think twice about opening your door to that quiet, mysterious stray that is standing on your doorstep…


At around 120 pages long, Mr. Robespierre is a quick read reminiscent of Poltergeist and The Conjuring. Dom and his family purchase Bridgewater Rise, an old fixer-upper that is in need of major repairs but has all the space and charm the family wants in a home. Shortly after moving in, a stray cat appears and the family learns by the tag on his collar that his name is Mr. Robespierre. The cat immediately takes a liking to the couple’s young daughter Chrissy and soon, terrifying things begin happening in the house. The family must fight forces it can’t see just to stay alive.

I enjoyed this book. The author took care to pace the action just right and the characters were realistic. Mr. Robespierre also proved to me what I’ve known for a long time: you just can’t trust cats. For 99 cents, this is a great book to add to your collection. I’m now a Daniel Marc Chant fan and you should be too.


Next up, let’s take a look at The Shapeshifter by Joseph Rubas.


Book Description:

Harlow, Montana is a peaceful community nestled in the lush Scandinavia Valley. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, it’s the kind of place where everyone knows each other’s name and no one locks their doors.

Then the unthinkable happens.

A local woman in violently attacked in her home. Sheriff Dale Parker, a Desert Storm vet with a painful past, is at a loss. Things like this just don’t happen in Harlow.

Meanwhile, Allen Sommers, a Native American handyman trying to get his life back on track after a stint in prison, listens in shock as his neighbor confides in him: “I saw Freddy Krueger in my mirror last night.”

Before long, strange things are happening in Harlow, and people are beginning to die, viciously murdered by beings that shouldn’t exist. Allen Sommers remembers tribal tales from his youth. The Shapeshifter, they said, can take the form of whatever scares you, and feeds not on your blood but on your fear. Surely the old legends can’t be true.

As the death toll rises and paranoia descends over Harlow, Dale Parker and Allen Sommers find themselves bound together and destined to stop…


From Joseph Rubas, the author of The Hotel San Digot, Snowbound, and Fury comes a chilling tale of terror and madness. THE SHAPESHIFTER. It knows what you’re afraid of.


In Harlow, Montana, everyone knows everyone else and the town is usually peaceful and quiet. Not much exciting ever happens there and that’s just how Sheriff Dale Parker likes it. Having seen more than enough action during his military service, he just wants peace and quiet.

That’s exactly what he gets until one night he receives a call from the town’s busy body saying her neighbor was screaming. When he arrives at the woman’s mobile home, he finds her severely beaten. She claims her dead father was the one who beat her. Soon, more and more attacks begin and each one is more strange than the next. People claiming to be attacked by Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Chucky send the town into a panic as the sheriff tries desperately to find the attacker.

I liked this book and at the same time I didn’t. The story was unique and well thought out, but its execution lacked a little to be desired. There were formatting issues that caused there to be up to 7 pages between chapters and typos like “”Work tight black shirt” and “…a boy she called Leo, would most likely have Downe’s” completely took me out of the story. This is a great idea that with a little work, could be so much better. At around 110 pages, The Shapeshifter is another quick read that, if you can get past its issues, you may just enjoy.



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