Review: Bound by Matt Hickman and Andrew Lennon

Book Description:

July 2013, Manchester, UK. A murder investigation team, led by DCI Mark Gunn is assigned to probe into the brutal mutilations of four women found dead from various locations around the city centre. The evidence gathered from the scene of the crimes, and the extreme nature of the women’s deaths indicate that the team are looking for a dangerous, deranged maniac. As the case unfolds, and the team finds itself buried deep within the seedy, sleazy underworld of the city, characteristics between the murders increase proportionally with the body count. The only thing that the team cannot find is motive.


DCI Mark Gunn isn’t the nicest officer in the Manchester Police department, but he always gets results because he’s a big guy who bullies his suspects into making confessions that solve cases.

In July, 2013, a serial killer is brutally mutilating and killing women in Manchester, and the killer is smart enough to provide next to nothing in the way of evidence to help the police catch him. Gunn puts together an investigative team to stop the killer before he claims any more victims, but when the killer starts claiming Gunn’s team, he takes it personally and goes after the killer with a vengeance.

This is not the first story by these two authors I’ve read, but it is the first I can say I’ve wholeheartedly enjoyed. Hickman and Lennon combined their talents to create a story that not only keeps you riveted to every page, but throws you off the track so you never know who the killer is until they’re ready to reveal their secret. The end of the book was not at all what I expected and the writing was tight with a plot that flowed seamlessly.

Anyone who enjoys a police thriller with strong horror elements should pick up a copy of Bound. You can pre-order here in the U.S. and here in the UK and the book drops on March, 12.




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