Your New Must Read List

Hi, Kiddies,

I hope this finds you well and that you’re all enjoying the same lovely springtime weather that Texas is experiencing.

Today, rather than bringing you a review, I wanted to showcase a couple of authors I think everyone needs to read. These guys and gals bust their asses to bring us some phenomenal fiction and each one deserves our love.

First up is Dallas Mullican. Dallas is the author of the highly acclaimed A Coin For Charon, a book I read at the end of last year, and it blew me away. This book has complex, well-developed characters and a brilliant plot that will have you hooked from the very first page. After you read this one, check out the next in the series, The Dark Age.


Rich Hawkins is another fantastic author I became addicted to late last year when I read The Last Plague.  He followed his debut novel with The Last Outpost and recently released the final book in the trilogy, The Last Soldier. If you like apocalyptic tales and are on the hunt for something different, you won’t go wrong with this series.


Tonia Brown has a whole list of unique stories under her belt, and I recently got to read and review her latest, Friend of the Devil, the sequel to Badass Zombie Road Trip. This book brings back some of my favorite characters and has plenty of laugh out loud moments with a few horrific bits thrown in for good measure. Check out my review of Friend of the Devil here, then head over to Amazon to pre-order your copy.


Finally, if you’ve never read Adam Millard, you’re missing out on some fantastic fiction. Millard, along with Daniel Marc Chant, (Call him Posh. He loves that) have teamed up to bring us The Bad Game, a book about a kid who discovers a new game at a seaside arcade. Grisly things begin happening in the town after the game arrives, and it’s up to 15-year-old Jamie to save the day. I haven’t read this one, but as I’m a huge fan of Millard’s work, it won’t be anything other than fantastic. Click the link above to pre-order your copy.


Before I go, indulge me for a moment while I tell you about my latest short story release, Violent Delights. John’s wife Megan is brutally murdered outside a pub in England, and since the police are incapable of finding the killer, John takes matters into his own hands to track him down and see that he gets the punishment he deserves.

I had the pleasure and honor of working with the very talented Lewis Duncan (who also designs my covers) on my first non-extreme short and my first collaboration, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Those who tend to avoid bloody, grisly extreme horror may find this story more to your liking. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


That’s it for today. Read these books, love them, and don’t forget to leave a review.



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